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  Saturday December 31st, 2011


You are invited!

     Won’t you join us this year for the race that has become a Midwest tradition? All racing will be on Saturday December 31st. 
     Again this year we will use Formula-2000 rules. If you’ve never raced with these rules you will not be disappointed. The racing is inexpensive, close and exciting, and places a little more emphasis on the skill of the driver.
     You will like the way races are run at Alpha, with even handed application of the rules, no surprises, little “wasted” time, reliable track power and lap counter, and few track calls. **Beat any of the class records and get a $50 merchandise bonus!

Formula 2000 Rules…

Formula 2000 rules are designed to promote high-speed racing but with lower cost, effort, & increased reliability.

The features of Formula-2000 racing are...

  • Spray Glue
  • No motor changing. The maximum number of motors you would need is two. (One for the qualifying race & one for the main event.)
  • Only two magnets are allowed per motor. (No 4,6,8,10 etc. magnet motors)
  • Minimum weight:  The minimum weight for Spec 15 is 73 grams, Box Stock 12 is 72 grams, Cobalt 12 is 50 grams, and minimum weights for Group 27, and Group 7 cars is 52 grams.
  • Only solid steel axles are allowed. (No hollow, filled or lightweight materials.)
  • There is no qualifying. If there are more racers than can be handled with a main (or round robin) each driver will pick a starting lane for a qualifying race at random.  If the number of entries can be handled with a main or round robin only, then there are no qualifying races and only one motor will be allowed.


The track...

155 foot Hasse Nillsen King. Braid: flush to -.010". Power: 12.7 volts, batteries only.

Formula-2000 track records to date:

Spec 15 - 24 min. - 367 laps by John Lopresto Jr.
Box 12 – 24 min. – 381 Al Harley
Cobalt 12 – 24 min.– 428 laps by Roney Fischler
Group 27 – 24 min. – 475 laps by Emerson Fischler
Group 7 – 40 min. – 796 laps by Jim Mayer
** Bonus...$50 in Alpha Bucks for a new track record in any class!!


Spec 15 - $10.00 entry fee - 24 minute main
Box Stock 12 - $15.00 entry fee – 24 minute main
Cobalt 12 - $15.00 entry fee – 24 minute main
Group 27 - $20.00 entry fee – 24 minute main
Prizes : trophies merchandise certificates & merchandise prizes.

Group 7 -  $30.00 entry fee – 40 minute main
Prizes: trophies, donated merchandise + guaranteed
1st place = $250.00 merchandise certificate
2nd place = $125.00 merchandise certificate
3rd place $65.00 merchandise certificate


 Friday December 30th

Raceway open 5 p.m.. – 9 p.m.

Saturday December 31st

Raceway opens at 8 a.m.
Spec 15 tech at 11 a.m.
Cobalt tech & racing follows Spec 15 race.
Box 12 tech & racing  follows Cobalt 12 race.
Group 7 tech & racing follows Box 12 race..
Group 27 tech & racing follows Group 7 race.

*There will be 30 minutes between classes for practice.

      Fond du Lac area information & lodging.

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